Uncharted Night-Olde Punk (RamJet Poetry) & Christine Ray (Brave and Reckless)

burning water

still marks the way


though that is not the path

I travel today

by uncharted night

do I go

motionless movement

a note of fluidity

diachronic changes

in synchronic nuance

the language we share

is not known here

a purpose in thought

one million yesterdays

caught twixt our toes

on the shores of time

onward it flows

upward wayward waves

at incongruent velocities

seeking a partnered, rhythmic



we are two hearts

two souls

two bodies

who dance together

in an expanding and

contracting rhythm

of intimacy, of knowing

at times we are a

collision of fiery sparks

under a gibbous moon

at others we are the

gentle undulations of the waves

a lighthouse, a beacon

calling each other back to safer


when the tides would push

us apart

always drawn back

to the place where we dwell


the scriptures we document

reverberate in the distant air

agile calligraphy

dawning across calm seas

energetic forms churning

in the skies

a word carries on the wind

a storm gathering strength

a bastard tongue

of passion

a forgotten dialect of

unknowable proportion

we force a turning of

the tides toward

the places we belong

the soft valleys where

we may speak freely

a parlance of devotion

a patois of union


in this uncharted night

we are like the fallen angels

our open wings

enfold and shelter us

as we free fall

together to land in a bed

of soft white feathers

ancient hymns of communion

deep in our throats

our duet remakes the earth

remakes the heavens

remakes us

light, joy

spills out of us

illuminating the night

divine splendor

celestial peace


chorus of honeyed

voices and

leonine roars intertwine

invoking a new order

cant in prayer to

the open waters

an ocean of feeling

in touch

communicating one word

that protects this harbor.

burning water

still marks the way


though that is not the path

we travel today

by uncharted night

do we go

to speak unanimously

[Olde Punk writes RamJet Poetry  and Christine Ray writes for Brave and Reckless]

52 thoughts on “Uncharted Night-Olde Punk (RamJet Poetry) & Christine Ray (Brave and Reckless)

  1. This is beyond fucking epic! And that it is a masterpiece mounded from two of my favorite minds makes it that much more beautiful. I never really thought of poetry in a collaborative sense but I sure do now. I’m all about it ❤ (This time I posted my comment in the proper place and not the search widget lol)

    Liked by 2 people

    • Olde Punk is kind of epic! This is the second collaborative piece I have done this month (Lois and I did a tribute to George Michael together) and I love it as a creative process and as a chance to wrap my language around the language around other poets whose language I am in love with. It pushed me but also felt very organic and nurturing because both Lois and Olde Punk are simply lovely human being as well as bad ass writers. Both are great to work with. If you ever want to write with me, let me know. . .

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! OldePunk would be the first person to tell you that my self-esteem as a writer has been– shall we say– sub-optimal. As I have gotten over the initial shock of being a member of SD, I have become more confident and have been having more fun. Even a month ago, I would have never been brave enough to ask Olde Punk to write with me. It was impulsive of me to throw out there recently but he was game and I am really glad I asked.

      Liked by 2 people

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